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New and Used Metalworking Machinery

Looking for used machinery?

Bass Machinery stocks many types of used machinery including air compressors, blast cleaning, die carts / flippers, dust collectors, fork trucks / forklifts, granulators, heat exchanger (expansion presses / hairpin benders), lifters / manlifts / lift platforms, nail makers, paper / scrap balers, parts washers, shot blasts, thread rollers, turnstiles, vibrators / vibratory finishers.

We carry a wide variety of makes including Allis Chalmers, Burr Oak, Clark, Ingersoll, Pangborn, Quincy, Rand, Raymond, Reed, Wafios, Waterbury Farrel, Yale.

We have technical sales and Spanish speaking sales staff and we can offer design and actual manufacturing experience. Use the buttons below to begin browsing through our current inventory.


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